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Japanese Features

The timeless beauty and unique flavour of Japanese design also contain a calming Zen atmosphere. From lanterns to bowls to water features, these traditional ornaments are carved from quality medium-grain grey granite. Choose from our range of lanterns, stones, balls (spheres), planter bowls, water features and pebbles to create your Japanese style garden

Granite Steppers

Granite rounds particularly suited to Japanese gardens.

Diameter 40cm

Sakatsugi Mizu Bowl

Shallow water dish, ideal as a planter, bird bath or reflective bowl. Smooth soft grey granite with subtle speckling.

Diameter 60cm

Kanjuji Lantern

This hand carved modern design granite lantern is a 7 piece set up.

Height 60cm & 75cm

Tengatyaya Lantern

This modern and compact Zen lantern is perfect for gardens of any size.

Height 45cm

Tetra Lantern

Modern and compact Zen design which is perfect for gardens of any size. Timber light frames with a two piece granite set-up.

Height 30cm

Organic Bowl

Natural organic lava solid stone rock bowl. Hand Carved from Indonesia. Looks beautiful in a shady position where moss can grow.

Height 30cm, diameter 45cm approx

Rankei Lantern

An unique granite lantern with its arched support column creating a cantilever for the light house. Traditionally, the lantern is installed so that it extends over a pond or lake creating a reflection in the water.

Height 60cm

Rokaku Yukimi

Also known as the ‘snow viewing lantern’. Yukimi lanterns are very popular to place near water. It is pre-drilled with a hole to insert electrical and includes 5 separately carved granite pieces.

Height 45cm & 60cm


Japanese Oribe is a tall granite lantern. Soft grey with subtle speckling. Suitable for lighting.

Height 60cm, 80cm, 105cm & 120cm

Kodai Yukimi

Sometimes called ‘Snow-viewing Lantern’, this traditional granite lantern has square legs and is often seen close to a pond. Yukimi lanterns have five elements stacked one atop the other and feature timber window frames.

Height 45cm & 60cm

Polished Granite Balls

Smooth, polished, contemporary granite balls are the perfectly symmetrical accent pieces.

Diameter 40cm, 50cm & 60cm


Soft grey granite with subtle speckling, these guide posts are traditional Japanese markers to lead the way.

Height 90cm

Kozenibatsi 40cm Light

Hand carved granite Japanese tea garden design. The shape of the stone basin is a circle representing heaven (yang) which is pierced by a square hole representing earth (yin). The Zen inscription pronounced “ware tada taru o shiru.” roughly translates to “I am content with what I am (have). Rich is the person who is content with what she/he is,”

Diameter 40cm

Ginkakuji Mizu Bachi

Traditional Japanese water basin hand carved from solid Granite.

30cm x 30cm


Natsume is a smooth stone urn-shaped planter made from soft grey granite that has subtle speckling.

Height 35cm, 50cm & 70cm


Most popular of all Japanese water basins and has very attractive proportions reminiscent of Japanese ‘Iron pots’ from where it gets it’s name. Hand carved from solid granite.

Diameter 45cm, 60cm & 80cm

Exfoliated Granite Balls

With a rough exfoliated finish, these contemporary granite balls are perfectly symmetrical accent pieces.

Diameter 40cm, 50cm & 60cm

Granite Lantern Contemporary

Modern, 4 piece, hand carved granite lantern is suitable to be wired for electrical / lighting.

Height 90cm

Koya Michi Shi Rube

Koya Michi Shi Rube is a tall, soft grey granite lantern with subtle speckling and wooden fittings.

Height 70cm & 90cm

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