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Premium River Pebbles

Browse our large range of premium river pebbles to suit your unique landscaping and decorative needs. Add texture, colour, and beauty to your spaces. Whether you need decorative pebbles to finish off your new garden bed, ivory pebbles for landscaping, or maybe Japanese garden pebbles, we’ve got you covered.

Rounded egg shape, mid blue grey river pebble.

Flat, charcoal river pebble.

Flat, mid blue grey river pebble.

Irregular, smooth, dark charcoal river pebble.

Off white river grey pebble.


Warm cream river grey pebble.

Rounded egg shape, volcanic, charcoal river pebble.

Flat, salt & pepper speckle river pebble.

How to Choose the Right Pebbles for Your Garden or Project

There are different varieties and different sizes and then you have to work out how many bags you need. It’s overwhelming! But it doesn’t need to be. 

At Cape Outdoor we follow a very simple process:

  1. Before you contact us, measure the area you want the pebbles to go in square metres. That is simply length x width eg: My bed is 6m long and ½  metre wide which equals to 6 x .5 = 3 sq metres
  2. From the total area subtract any big trees, pavers or features that reduce the area to be covered. eg: My courtyard is 5m long x 5m wide = 25 sq metres but I have 10 pavers, each measuring 500mm x 500mm in the space. Hence the area I need for pebbles is 25sm less(.5 x .5 x 10) which is 25 – 2.5 = 22.5sm
  3. Measure the depth of the area that you want the pebbles to go and keep that handy
  4. Having measured your area you now want to look at which type of pebble you want. Don’t worry about size yet, think of the form and colour; do you want a natural river pebble for landscaping, a more organic nugget-like look or a smooth uniform style of garden pebbles? Do you want dark or light, solid colour or some variation? At Cape Outdoor we have over 8 variants ranging from the deep Black Alor pebbles through greys and charcoals up to a pure Ivory White. Click on our pebbles tab to see them up close or come into the Malvern East store and we can show you samples of the different colours and sizes
  5. Once we know the type you like, let’s say Anvil Grey pebbles, we then work out the right size. Choosing the right size is a combination of aesthetics, depth and budget.

Points to note:

  • All our pebbles come in 20kg bags. The different-sized pebbles cost the same. A 20kg bag of 50-70mm Anvil Grey costs the same as a bag of 20-30mm, it’s based on weight and all bags weigh the same: 20kg
  • Small pebbles spread further; to cover 1 sq m in 20-30mm pebbles requires 3 bags whereas to cover the same area with 50-70mm requires 5.5 bags.
  • Our guide is based on the ideal depth for each size: 20 -30mm is based on a 40mm depth, 50-70mm on a 100mm depth. If your depth is higher or lower than the guide you may need to put some filler in (if deeper) or reduce the number of bags if shallower.

Once we know the colour, size and quantity needed, contact us so we can look at our stock and complete your order. It’s that easy, so let’s get started by grabbing your tape measure!

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