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Holiday & Outdoor Wooden Games

What better way to pass the time on holidays or quieter days than with some fun games. Liven up holidays & outdoor spaces with our range of premium, high-quality wooden games.


Played Australia wide

This classic Finnish log throwing game continues to surge in popularity across Australia, loved by both the young & old.


Never gets old!

Our beautiful boules sets are a must have for your outdoor games collection or next memorable picnic with friends and relatives.


From the beaches of Brazil

Massively popular on the famous beaches of Brazil, we thought Australia needed a top notch versions of its own.


Beautifully crafted

We think a well crafted croquet set can be enjoyed in the backyard, local park or on a superbly manicured croquet club lawn.


WARNING: Seriously addictive!

An addictive and seriously good outdoor game, also known as Viking Chess, Kubb is genuine fun for family & friends!


Play Quoits anywhere

A game of skill and concentration, quoits can be set up in the backyard, the park or the beach for hours of family fun.


Giant tumble tower

Meet Bygga, our giant outdoor sized tumble tower or jenga game. Bygga is Swedish for “build”, comes with 54 jumbo blocks.


Originated in British pubs

A home version of the classic pub game, Hookey includes 6 red, and 6 black rings where points are scored landing them on numbered hooks.


Designer Connect 4

Linkki is the designer take on Connect 4. It will provide hours of entertainment for both the young & old, indoors or out.


…from everybody’s childhood!

Climb the ladders and slide down the snakes, roll the dice and try your luck! A classic game from everybody’s childhood.

Addictive log-tossing

Finska is the addictive log-tossing game from Finland. An ancient Finnish game, Finska is a unique and seriously addictive outdoor game that will provide genuine entertainment at the beach, the park or in your own backyard. This classic game is available in standard, preemio, retro blue, retro red & mini.

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